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Shark And Ray Pool - Get up close enough to feed the rays and sharks. This pool houses various species of sharks.

Giant Pacific Octopus - The octopus has the problem solving skills of an 8 year old child, can change colors in a second to hide, and open toys to get food.

Amazon - This exhibit highlights a variety of freshwater fish from South America, which include: cichlids, motoro stingrays, colorful peacock bass and plecostomus.
Tide Pools - Find and touch the variety of animals within our four tide pools.

Amazing Angels - We have over 35 different species in our 1700 gallon tropical reef exhibit. This exhibit allows for feeding and petting of fish from around the Tropical Pacific Ocean.

Yellow Breasted And Rainbow Lory's - Come into our new bird aviary and feed these playful, curious birds right from your hands. This new exhibit is rapidly becoming a favorite for the whole family.

Shark Nursery- This exhibit shows shark eggs ready to hatch, along with baby sharks getting ready to join the others. As sharks lay their eggs, we secure them for viewing and help them along for raising.

Sea Jellies- Dozens of moon jelly fish swim in the tranquil waters of our jelly exhibit.

hameleons - See if you can find the chameleons blending into their natural habitat, as these amazing reptiles climb through their rainforest canopy.